Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Neil Jenman News Articles

You can see why governments like to leave real estate transactions, the largest transaction many people will ever conduct, in the hands of the private sector, usually without scrutiny. Governments like to trust real estate agents and property developers to act as their policy agents in the area of housing.



Australian Securities and Investments Commission chief, Jeff Lucy, said of the financial planners who steered their clients into Westpoint, “They should have known better.”

Yes, indeed, it was all so predictable. Now, it’s all so tragic.

ASIC useless after the fact, as usual.

And finally, a suggestion for Westpoint investors.

Do not feel stupid or embarrassed. [Even the New South Wales branch of the ALP reportedly invested $100,000.]

What a surprise, that the right-winger property ghouls in NSW Labor fell for a get-rich-quick property scam...

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